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June 2020 Consumer Webinars

The following webinars are being run by BERNINA Usa.  Follow the links (click on the title) to sign up for a webinar.  Be sure to look carefully at the time zone for the classes.  If you need to cancel be sure to cancel via the instructions in the email sent from BERNINA.  We will not be able to help you.  We only supply the information for these classes, that is it.

Tips for Better Garment Construction
 – Sylvain Bergeron
June 4, 10 AM and 3 PM
Garment sewing requires technique and precision and the secret to fine results is in using your sewing machine and accessories to best advantage. Join BERNINA Educator Sylvain Bergeron as he reviews the key items to include in your bag of tricks, from machine features and accessories to needles and threads. We’ll even look at how to calibrate your stitch length for the fabric you’re using and how to sew without pins. You heard it right… without pins!

Overlocker for the Quilter – Jaime David
June 12, 10 AM and 3 PM
I'm a quilter, what could I possibly need an overlocker for? Learn to make this easy Serger Cover Project that will showcase quilt techniques such as; quarter inch piecing, stitch-and-flip assembly and serger binding. The overlocker really makes quick and tidy work of all your quilting projects. Join BERNINA Educator and Overlocker Specialist, Jaime David, for this enticing overlocker webinar.

Binding Techniques – Nina McVeigh
June 18, 10 AM and 3 PM
Well done binding starts with the basics. We will start with those basics but go well beyond
with Decorative Stitch Binding both traditionally and with the BERNINA Bias Binder. Join BERNINA Educator Nina McVeigh for this informative 30-minute webinar and take your binding to the next level.

Understanding a Stitch, Part 1
June 25, 10 AM and 3 PM
During this 30-minute webinar, learn how a stitch is created, what factors affect how the stitch looks, including the important choice of machine needles. We will also review bobbins, bobbin thread and the value of the right presser foot! Join BERNINA Educator Debbie Cacciamani for this webinar and learn the basics, so you can better evaluate your stitch to make it perfect!

Understanding a Stitch, Part 2
July 2, 10 AM and 3 PM
In part 2 of our mission to understand a stitch, let’s dive into how the machine adjustments will affect your stitch. We will talk about things like tension, stitch plates and the many possible edit features, which will give you total control of how your stitch looks. How your final project turns out is determined by the choices you make. Let’s take control! Join BERNINA Educator Debbie Cacciamani for Understanding a Stitch, Part 2!